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Nintendo Says SNES Classic Production Will Be ‘Dramatically Increased’

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The launch of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition last year was marred by the company’s near-total disconnection from reality, as supply issues drove resale prices of the ...

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Nintendo: SNES Classic Pre-Orders Begin Later This Month

There are hordes of eager fans willing to line up for a chance to purchase an SNES Classic (online or in real life), and Nintendo stoked the flame today with an announcement that pre-orders for its newest retro console will ...

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The SNES Classic Launch Is On Track to Be Another Disaster

In business, it’s usually ideal to sell as many things as possible to consumers, but Nintendo has a different approach. The NES Classic Edition released last year was a hot must-have gift for the holiday season, but Nintendo just didn’t ...

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Early eBay Listings for the SNES Classic Already Selling for Insane Markups

When Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition last year, fans salivated at the thought of top-notch emulation for 30 classic titles, with the potential to add more games once modders took the machine apart to see what it could really ...

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Think Twice Before Getting Excited for Nintendo’s Upcoming SNES

In July 2016, we first covered the Mini Classic NES, later officially called the NES Classic Edition. It was a tiny Nintendo with original controllers, 30 preloaded games, and an original controller. As information leaked out, it became clear this thing ...

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Nintendo reportedly working on SNES Classic Edition console

Nintendo broke the hearts of many retro gaming fans last week when it announced the NES Classic Edition had been discontinued. It came as quite a shock, because not only was the NES Classic Edition extremely popular, it was in ...

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