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Star Trek: Discovery’s First Real Trailer Finally Drops

It’s been well over 18 months since CBS first announced that it would bring a new Star Trek TV show to television, and we’ve still only gotten bits and pieces of information about the first new Trek property on the ...

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PlayStation 4K is reportedly real, so what kind of performance can we expect?

Last week, we reported on rumors at GDC that Sony was working on a PlayStation 4.5, also dubbed the PS4K. Now, new reports from sources within the company are claiming that the hardware is real and already in the prototype ...

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Science fiction handwaving just got real with the world’s first biologically powered chip

Share This article Readers familiar with 3Jane, Moya, or Locutus of Borg may have wondered about the architectural implications of technology that bridges such disparate systems. How do you go from a biological organism, with its irregularity and its fluid ...

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5 bizarre but very real conditions you've never heard of

Manuel faba/iStock photo Some hapless patients are burdened by rare and, at times, bizarre illnesses. Not everyone is paying a visit to their doctor for a case of the common cold. Some unlucky patients are diagnosed with diseases so scarce ...

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