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AI develops its own ‘alien’ language, the better to mock human underlings

If you’ve ever boiled with inner turmoil at the failure of your Android device to recognize an “OK Google” command, you know AI speech recognition and natural language processing still have a long way to go. In many ways, it’s symptomatic ...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda looks significantly better on PC

Earlier this week, Mass Effect: Andromeda launched to a somewhat muted response. Beyond the interface issues and lackluster animations frequently cited by critics, the Xbox One and vanilla PS4 suffer from performance issues as well. Now, we have a better ...

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The PS4 Pro makes console gaming more complicated, but will it make it better?

For decades, consoles have had one significant advantage over PCs: simplicity. While this has changed somewhat in recent years, thanks to increased console complexity and capabilities undreamed of in the days of the NES, consoles have still been marketed and ...

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Ford switches to better, costlier SCR emissions treatment for its next diesel

Add Ford to the companies switching to a cleaner method of treating diesel engine exhaust to reduce emissions. Ford, like VW Group and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen will switch to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to reduce NOx emissions. SCR is more costly, ...

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Why you’re better off waiting a few more months to upgrade your GPU

Yesterday, Nvidia took the wraps off its high-end GP100 GPU and gave us a look at what its top-end HPC configuration would look like come Q1 2017. While this new card is explicitly aimed at the scientific computing market and ...

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Rise of the Tomb Raider looks and plays better on PC, but budget gaming rigs won’t cut it

Share This article Back in November, Rise of the Tomb Raider launched on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 to massive critical acclaim. As a sequel to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot, it was seen as an improvement in nearly every ...

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